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APEX Online Classroom
Eastmont High School's Alternative Learning uses Apex Learning offers digital curriculum solutions to help every student be an active participant in his or her learning, and prepares them for success in college and career. For more information about this program please visit

To go to the school login page go to

If you are a parent and would like to receive weekly updates about your students progress please contact your students teacher and provide your email address.
Moodle Courses
We use Moodle to enhance your students learning experience. Moodle allows schools to create classrooms where teachers can post curriculum that they use. In our Moodle classrooms students can download important class documents, watch videos, post to forums and submit their work online. Many time students will use Moodle to access the documents for a class, but use a textbook as well. To access Moodle go to If you are a parent you will need to have your student give you tour of one of their Moodle courses if you would like to see inside a class. For more information contact your students teacher.