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EHS - Enrollment Procedures
1. Please have your current school fax to (509) 888-1297 the following:
  1. Transcript
  2. Immunizations
  3. Discipline History
  4. Attendance History
  5. State Assessment Scores
  6. IEP/504 Plan
  7. Withdraw grades with percentage grades, if transferring in midyear
  8. Birth Certificate
2. If Applicable, please bring a copy of Parenting Plan-Court Order Documentation-Power of Attorney.
3. Also bring a proof of address, such as, water bill, electric bill, etc.
4.  Complete the EHS Enrollment Packet and return to the EHS Counseling Office.
5. Call Mrs. Nelson at 888-4771 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.
A-G - Donna Zukowski
H-O - Paula Ortiz
P-Z -  Eve Heine-Arp
Migrant/Bilingual/Student Advocate– Vidal Hurtado 
Registrar/ Secretary– Molly Nelson 888-4771
ADA Compliance Errors 0